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Isn't all eco paint green?

Is Eco paint that green?

  • Beware of paints jumping on to the 'green' & 'eco' bandwagon - there are many acrylic paints out there posing themselves as eco paints because they are water based and have lower VOC levels, but they are in no way produced using sustainable materials. Our emulsions mostly register as minmal VOC (0-0.29%), any smell associated with them come from pleasant essential oils or a putty smell from the natural linseed base, these dissappear very quickly . 
  • Look more deeply into manufacturing procedures, ingredients used and overall CO2 footprint of other ecopaints available in the UK. Most paint sporting the EU flower Logo contain forms of acrylic - the EU flower Logo is a good asset but is not as stringent as the stance Auro took over 30 years ago, and it certainly does not denote 'natural'. A lot of so called 'natural paints' use synthetic pigments to achieve their shades - not at AURO, we use only natural pigments.
  • Always ask for a full declaration of ingredients before committing to buy - any reputable company should have this together with a glossary describing what those ingredients are and from where they are sourced.
  • Be mindful that ecopaints do not necessarily mean natural paint and the term 'organic' paint can be a very misleading and biased phrase, all paint, even petro chemical paints, are based on organic chemistry, see below for further info on why we can call our paints organic.
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