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Why AURO is the best choice naturally, ethically and ecologically

If you want some more reasons why AURO is the best choice for natural, ethical and ecologically sound finishes:

  • Breathable paints for high conservation and eco homes, our environmentally friendy products are perfect for Passivhaus projects.
  • Natural Bee Keeping Trust recommend AURO 160 Woodstains to their members, this non-toxic stain is available in over 30 colours and is perfect for beehives, bat boxes or any conservation or sensitive areas for animals. Become a NBKT member and ask for the discount code!
  • AURO 160 Wood Stains came top compared to 21 other eco and non eco products in Test Magazine (the equivalent to Which! Report in Germany).
  • We are remain Best Buy in Ethical Consumer Magazine and attained their top 'ethiscore'. We proudly carry The Ethical Consumer 'Best Buy' logo on our emulsion paints.
  • Several AURO products have also been recommended by the stringent German environmental ‘Oko Test’ Magazine and have NaturePlus awards.
  • In 2008 we moved into our new eco-building which uses the latest environmental technology for best energy performance, once again showing our dedication to the environment and pursuit of a sustainable future.
  • As part of the Greenshop Group we are proud to announce that we are now accredited as Carbon Neutral through the CO2 Balance Company here in the UK, offsetting 67 tonnes via donation to the African Efficient Stove scheme for 2010. So both manufacturer and distributor are now CO2 Neutral.
  • AURO AG, our parent company in Germany, became officially accredited as a CO2 neutral manufacturer in 2006.


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