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Auro 301 Plaster Primer
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Auro 301 Plaster Primer
Price per Unit (piece): £19.98

AURO 301 Plaster Primer is a water-thinnable, colourless primer for highly or irregularly absorbant surfaces such as plasterboard, gypsum plaster and fibreboard.

An economical way to prime surfaces before applying AURO wall paints or plasters.

This is highly recommended when choosing our darker coloured emulsions, especially when painting on skimmed plaster board or plaster as the uneven drying may cause areas to slightly vary in colour.


Dilute 1:1 with water.  Apply with an emulsion brush or spray

Dry and re-coatable after 16 hours.  Clean tools with water and Auro 411 Plant Soap.


2L - 40msq
5L - 100msq


water, milk casein, linseed oil fatty acid, dammar, potash, orange oil, thiazolinone

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