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Interior Wall Paint

AURO wall paints have excellent microporous characteristics, letting walls breathe naturally. They contain no fungicides or chemicals.
  • 321 Classic Emulsion our best selling, general purpose domestic matt emulsion, ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, etc.
  • 524 Premium Washable Emulsion - breaking new ground for Natural & Eco paints, this goes over almost all internal wall surfaces, it dries quicker with virtually no odour, it has the highest opacity in its class meaning in many cases one coat will suffice, it is highly durable with Class 1 abrasion resistance. Our recommendation for Kitchens, Bathrooms, high demand areas and commercial applications.
  • 320 Economy Emulsion is great to use as a 'mist coat' (priming coat) on new plaster, or for freshening up ceilings and walls if you're on a tight budget (not so great for obliterating over strong colours).
  • 326 Chalk Paint is a basic white paint, similar to a limewash, great for brightening up damp basements as it is highly breathable.

As colours can vary on digital screens we recommend you take a colourchart and ideally order tester pots to ensure satisfaction.

Painting over lime plaster?
Our new AURO 524 Premium Washable Emulsion has been developed to be suitable to go over fresh lime plaster, also suitable are AURO 344 (High-grade lime paint); AURO 327 (Anti-Mould Paint); AURO 328 (Airfresh Paint) and AURO 326 Chalk Paint.

Painting on to new gypsum plaster or a skim coat?
Although AURO wall & ceiling paints are breathable and will allow moisture to pass out it is best practice to allow the plaster to dry thoroughly then be sure to either apply a plaster primer (such as AURO 301) or a mist coat - applying undiluted paint directly onto unprimed plaster leaves the paint prone to having the moisture 'sucked' out of it by the plaster and causing a potentially dry, flaky finish.

Painting a kitchen or bathroom?
We recommend the AURO 524 Premium Washable Emulsion as it offers the greatest durability in a humid environment although the AURO 327 Anti -Mould paint is also a popular choice for UK bathrooms - both products are breathable.

AURO 320 Economy Emulsion

AURO 321 Classic Emulsion

AURO 524 Premium Washable Emulsion

Auro 326 Chalk Paint


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