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Auro 414 Anti-mould System 412, 413, 327
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Auro 414 Anti-mould System 412, 413, 327
Price per Unit (piece): £57.98

Vegan_eWe now have 414 available; this three-component set comprises one each of the 412 Mould Eliminator and 413 Mould Stop 500ml spray bottles together with either the 1 lt or 5lt tub of the 327 Anti-Mould Paint. The set comes at a reduced price compared with buying them separately. This anti-mould product set is a complete and natural answer to meet household mould problems that are all too prevalent in our wet climate and remains one of our best sellers. Please read the info sheet for more information.

Auro's Anti-mould System offers an alternative to conventional mould removal agents which often contain chlorine compounds and synthetic toxins. Our system uses a combination of natural peroxides in the preliminary applications (412 & 413), a completely safe, natural, effective and well tested mould remover, and comes in easy-to-apply spraygun bottles. The last step to ensure the mould does not return is to use the 327 Anti-mould paint; this is highly alkaline due to the lime hydrate content which naturally inhibits mould growth. The 327 Anti-mould paint comes in white only, but 350 Lime Concentrates can be added for colour. Please see the topical sheet below for full explanations on application, ingredients and general advice on mould problems.

Product information and Tips on Mould

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