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List of AURO Products

For a comprehensive list of all AURO environmentally friendly paints and wood finishes, cleaners etc., please download our current Product Brochure here or click on a product for more information. Feel free to request a free copy along with a colour chart by using the 'Contact Us' button on the left.
Jump to section: Wood Finishes, Preparation and Tools, Cleaning and Wax Care.

You will find a full Technical Data Sheet for each product as you get to it, please also refer to the following glossary to find out more about our ingredients. We pride ourselves in being as transparent as possible about our products - raw materials glossary_2010 120.65 Kb 


 Interior Wall & Ceiling Paint

           Emulsion Wall & Ceiling Paints

          Mineral Wall & Ceiling Paints

          Specialist Wall & Ceiling Paints

Interior & Exerior Matt-silk & Gloss Paint


Primers and Undercoats

          Primer for use with wall & ceiling paints

          Primers for use with wood/metal paints


      Wood Finishes

           Interior - Water based (Solvent-free)

          Suitable primers

          Interior - PurSolid (Solvent-free)

           Interior - Classic (Orange oil solvent)

          Suitable primer


           Suitable primers


   Preparation and Tools


          Paint Stripper

           Fillers & Platsters

          Brushes and Rollers


    Cleaning and Wax Care